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The selections shown here represent the most popular books devoted to the theatrical history of France, and works by French playwrights. To see a complete listing of all books available for any theatrical period, play, or author, simply enter your keyword(s) in one of the search boxes below.


In order to offer you the widest possible selection, we provide two different search boxes:

    (1.) The one on the left will present you with titles from our U.S. catalogue, which are shipped from distribution centers in the U.S. For residents of the North American continent, the shipping costs from this catalogue will be most economical.
    (2.) Some titles — such as French-language editions or other books from European publishers — may not be available from the U.S. catalogue. In these instances, you may wish to search the French catalogue (on the right). The resulting pages will be in French, and titles shown will be shipped from distribution centers in France. (see chart for worldwide shipping charges)

Search Tips: try the keywords "French" and "comedy" to find all titles about this theatrical genre and its masters. To locate volumes about a specific era (such as the 17th century, for example), simply enter the words "17th century theatre France". If you prefer to see books devoted to a particular playwright, enter names such as "Molière", "Samuel Beckett", "Ionesco", etc. You may also wish to try the names of actors (such as "Sarah Bernhardt"), well-known characters (such as "Cyrano"), or the name of a play (such as "Notre-Dame de Paris").

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