Purchase Guarantee FAQ

If someone steals my NextCard number while I'm purchasing over the Internet, will I have any liability?

NO. Other credit card companies may hold you partially liable for losses from fraud on your credit card. We won't. We cover 100% of any losses from such fraud. Your cost: zero.

Am I restricted to purchases from special "NextCard approved" secure sites?

NO. At NextCard, we believe that you should be able to make any purchase over the Internet without worrying about security, just as you do now in a store. Shop anywhere on the Internet and you’re covered by the 100% Safe Internet Shopping Pledge.

What if a merchant steals my credit card number?

We ask you to use the same precautions with your NextCard Visa that you use in the real world. For example, don't give your number out to sites that seem suspicious. But no matter what happens, if you do give your credit card number to a merchant who turns out to be a crook your liability is still zero. We will cover 100% of any fraud losses.

What if someone steals my credit card number in the real world and then tries to use it on the Internet?

You're still protected. Our Safe Shopping Pledge protects you from ALL Internet fraud.

Where's the fine print?

There really is none. That's what the 100% Safe Internet Shopping Pledge is all about. Nothing to worry about. Don't just think about Internet shopping…go out there and do it!

How can NextCard afford to make this Guarantee?

It all gets down to economics. We make money from merchants every time you use your NextCard Visa to make a purchase. We set aside a portion of this money to cover potential fraud losses. The more you use your NextCard Visa to make purchases, the better we are able to cover losses from fraud. So here's the deal: use your NextCard Visa whenever you make online purchases and we'll make sure that you're protected by the Safe Shopping Pledge.

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