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Technology Licencing

Specially for Banks, Community Banks and Credit Unions: establish your own online bureau de change.

Direct FX will licence you the technology to establish your own bureau de change. This sophisticated system has a number of important features:

  1. You can use any base currency.
  2. You can offer as many different currencies as you wish; there is a database with all the details of the available note sizes.
  3. You can accept credit cards.
  4. You can vary your margin and charge extra for delivery and handling.
  5. You can provide for different delivery mechanisms.
  6. There is a control area which allows you to track orders and undertake a full audit trial.

All in all a very flexible system The benefits of installing a "Direct FX Online Bureau de Change" are manifold -- we have tried and tested it, ironed out all the bugs and continue to develop it. E-mail for further details.

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Direct FX
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Tel: (212) 214-0825
Fax: (212) 214-0825

Corporate Inquiries
Direct FX has a program specially designed for major users within both small and large corporations such as sales departments, treasury, in-house travel organisations, etc.

We also can offer discounts for large purchasers and additional convenience such as tracking purchasers by user, department or special delivery requirements.

Please use the e-mail address below to inquire about the full abilities of Direct FX to manage your FX needs.

Tel: (203) 655-4806

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