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How to order your currency

The currencies below are held in stock. Before commiting to purchase, you can complete the order form currency by currency and see the US$ equivalent. Only after giving us your credit card details and by clicking the "Order" button does the order become firm.

Please note that we can only ship to addresses in the US. For security reasons, we can ship only to the cardholder at the cardholder's address (no "care of" or PO boxes).

FX can supply currencies from all over the world.
For a quote by return email for currencies other than those below, please click here.

Please note: there is no minimum order per currency, however your total order should not be less than $200.00 and the maximum is $2,950.00.


Amount in
U.S. Dollars

Amount in
U.S. Dollars

Amount in
U.S. Dollars

Australian Dollar

French Franc

Norwegian Krone

Austrian Schilling

German Mark

Portugese Escudo

Belgian Franc

Greek Drachma

Spanish Peseta

Brazilian Real

Hong Kong Dollar

Swedish Krone

British Pound

Irish Punt

Swiss Franc

Canadian Dollar

Italian Lira

Venezuelan Bolivar

Danish Krone

Japanese Yen

Dutch Guilder

Mexican Peso

 Please check here for express delivery ($10 extra.)

Visa Travelers Checks U.S. Dollar Travelers Checks will be available soon.


Important Information

Questions about Direct FX?
Click here to see our comprehensive Help section, which includes Frequently Asked Questions about currency exchange, instructions on how to purchase currency online with Direct FX, and details about the company.

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Corporate Inquiries
Direct FX has a program specially designed for major users within both small and large corporations such as sales departments, treasury, in-house travel organisations, etc.

We also can offer discounts for large purchasers and additional convenience such as tracking purchasers by user, department or special delivery requirements.

Please use the e-mail address below to inquire about the full abilities of Direct FX to manage your FX needs.

Tel: (203) 655-4806

Questions about Direct FX?
Please e-mail us for a prompt reply.

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