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The next time your friend Jacques takes you on a ride in his Citroën deux-chevaux , careening down a narrow, tree-lined French country road, passing and darting in front of other cars with centimeters to spare before oncoming traffic speeds by, perhaps you'll be grateful to know that: (1.) Any speed seems faster in a deux-chevaux , (2.) Europeans have always been more in tune with the tolerances of their vehicles than Americans, and (3.) The 100 kilometers per hour you see on his speedometer is really only 60 miles per hour. Phew! (It's also reassuring that this classic vehicle can stop on a dime.)

That said, you will no doubt find it practical, from time to time, to convert weights and measures between the Imperial and the Metric systems. The table here will give you the basics (if you're using a calculator), but the nifty JavaScript calculators below will perform the conversions directly in your browser in real time! Try them out. Not that the average tourist will need to convert angstrom units to microns everyday, but these can be really useful. Let us know what you think!

Imperial to metric
1 inch = 2.54 centimetres
1 foot = 30 centimetres
1 mile = 1.6 kilometres
1 ounce = 28 grams
1 pound = 454 grams
1 pint = 0.6 litre
1 gallon = 4.6 litres

Metric to imperial
1 millimetre = 0.04 inch
1 centimetre = 0.4 inch
1 metre = 3 feet 3 inches
1 kilometre = 0.6 mile
1 gram = 0.04 ounce
1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds
1 Litre = 1.8 pints

Conversion Calculators

Area Equivalents
This JavaScript utility permits easy area conversions, such as square yards to square meters, roods to square chains, square feet to square rods, etc.

Energy Equivalents
This handy JavaScript utility permits energy unit conversions, such as joules to kilowatt hours, foot pounds to kilogram meters, BTUs to K-cals, etc.

Length, Distance Equivalents
This handy JavaScript utility performs length and distance conversions, such as inches to centimeters, yards to meters, miles to kilometers, etc.

Mass & Weight Equivalents
This handy JavaScript utility performs conversions between kilograms, grains, troy/avoirdupois ounces, pounds, short/ long/ metric tons, etc.

Metrology Equivalents
This JavaScript utility converts between angstrom units, surface microinches & microns, light bands, precision tenths/ thousandths, metric mm's, etc.

Power Equivalents
This handy JavaScript utility performs conversions between horsepower, metric hp, kilowatts, poncelets, kg-m/sec, ft-lb/sec, Kcal/sec, BTU/sec, etc.

Pressure Equivalents
This JavaScript utility performs conversions between megadynes/sq cm, kg/sq cm, lb/sq in, atmospheres, Hg meters/ inches, H2O meters/ inches/ feet, etc.

Temperature Equivalents
This handy JavaScript utility performs conversions between Fahrenheit and Centigrade/Celsius temperature readings.

Velocity Equivalents
This handy JavaScript utility performs conversions between cm/sec, meters/sec, meters/min, kilometers/hr, feet/sec, feet/min, miles/hr, knots, etc.



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