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We are very pleased to witness's enthusiastic reception by numerous guests since the domain went "live" in January of 1999. In 2005, we welcomed over 4.2 million visitors! As of the last count, more than 19,700 web pages worldwide feature links to

The following awards have been bestowed upon us during the past 7 years, and we wish to extend our thanks to the francophile organizations, academic institutions, travel guides, and web portal editors throughout the global village who have helped us spread the word about Discover France!

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A Sampling of Viewer E-mail

Excellent web site! One of the best I've ever visited; it is very well thought out, and nicely presented.
Susan Owens

May I please have your permission to put a link to your site on my Home Pages for my (French) classes? It's a great site, and I think the students will learn a lot. Thanks.
Jane Lippmann, Professor of French, The University of Texas at Austin

I was just surfing around on the net when I came up onto your cool homepage. You have done a very good job. I really enjoyed how you laid out your graphics and your use of color. There are so many bad sites out on the internet that is is a true joy to surf up to a really nice one like yours! I liked the links that you had chosen as well as the actual content. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated!
I am the Webmaster of WD9GNG's German/American Homepage. I have been trying to get out and look at as many homepages as I can in order to see what other folks are doing. You have given me some good ideas on how a good site should be laid out!!
Ken Wigger

I just read your post in and would be interested in submitting work about eating in France. I am a serious francophile with a strong background in food and wine. I am also an English major wanting to refresh and polish my writing skills for eventual editorial consideration on a freelance basis. I am travelling to France in October on a grande dégustation through Provence and Alsace. Any assignments would be appreciated. Thank You,
Josefa Danenberger

I love your site and can't wait to share it with my students. I will add a link to your site from my pages. Would you consider doing the same for my site? Let me know.
Bonnie Flint, Northridge (High School) French Classes

Nice site! (I) will include it on my next links update.
Corinne Robbe, "Visit Southwest of France"

I liked your section on Language and the online course guide. Secondly, I liked your dictionary section, I will probably refer to it often. I am a 22 year old senior at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee, USA. I studied two years of French in High School, but I wish I would have taken more in college.
Your site is very good. If you have links to other sites that offer online courses in French, please email me and let me know.
Scott Starnes

Nous serions interessé de placer un link sur notre site, reliant à votre Web Site. Avez vous une "Banner" que nous pouvons copier?
Christian M. Lacheny, CF Global Marketing LTD

I'm researching art history for a paper; the information on your site was wonderful. Thanks.
Cathi Call, Ephraim, Utah

What I liked MOST about DiscoverFrance: The necessary info that was available. I wanted to create a (travel) package for myself, to know what to look for and the best way to travel. Your site was the most informative. Thank you.
Rhonda Whitfield, Staten Island, New York

I was doing a school report on France and I found your site. It helped me a lot and I got most of my info from here.
(name withheld)

What I liked MOST about DiscoverFrance: The museums, the references of art movements, photographs of masterpieces
Guadalupe de la Riva Lorenzo, San Luis Potosí, Mexico

You have covered everything. I had to do a project on the Education system in France and I had no material. Now I have all I need. Great site!
Kate, Ireland

What I liked MOST about DiscoverFrance: the facts and figures, colors, choices and information for our study abroad program.
Jean Robinson, East Lansing, Michigan

What I liked MOST about DiscoverFrance: Instant result when I was searching for information for the course which I am teaching.
Peter Samson, North Yorkshire, England

I was fascinated by the the broad categories of information — I still have not explored them all.
Carol Suchanek, United States

I just added a link to your site. I really enjoyed visiting it and think it will be a great resource for the visitors to my website. I especially like your homespun way of covering France. Your clean design, helpful navigation, and amazing photographs makes your site a delight to visit. I am glad I added it today.
Xavier Arce, Viz Travel

Some Resource-One Reviews

Everytime I click on, I discover you have something new and interesting.

I am a French teacher and Web surfer addict. I enjoy well-constructed and navigable sites. Merci for this one! I will refer my students to it.
This site was very helpful with my project on Provence....
Ian C. Mills, Webmaster © 1999-2006


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