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Broadcast Media

BCE Media hosts French-language specialty channel
Starting January 2000, BCE MEDIA and its partners will be offering CANAL EVASION -- a French-language specialty channel based in Montreal, Canada -- devoted solely to travel, tourism and adventure, aimed primarily at consumers who want to "escape"...

CRTC grants licences to Canal Fiction and Canal Histoire
The CRTC (Canada) has granted broadcast licences to two French-language services: Canal Fiction will offer first-rate dramatic programming, and Canal Histoire will feature historical documentaries, films and original programming from Canada and around the world...

Le dude
Depending on your point of view, Antoine de Caunes is either that hilarious French bloke with the dreadful accent who presents trashy TV shows, or he's more responsible than most for the dumbing-down of British television. But in his native France, he's been one of the most popular television presenters...


Smelly French cheese
Standardised mediocrity will never deprive the European Community of pure German beer, smelly French cheeses or other regional specialities, according to an EC Commissioner. Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, struck a chord earlier this month in Paris when he warned...

French warn of U.S. cheese threat
Not content with flooding France -- and the rest of Europe, for that matter -- with hamburgers and cola, the United States is now threatening that most sacred of French foods: Camembert cheese. Proposing to ban imports of all unpasteurised cheeses, with potentially devastating commercial impact...

Prince Charles wins French hearts over cheese
Meeting with French President François Mitterrand, the heir to the British throne won over an appreciative audience when he gave a spirited defense of cheese, a subject of some concern in France following recent attacks from the EC over hygiene standards for "fromage cru" (raw cheese) such as gruyere...


Let Them Eat Chocolate
Bonbons away! In Paris's 7th arrondissement , a neighborhood known for government buildings, wealth, and power, stands a tiny storefront where almost every curiosity is made of chocolate, and not just any kind -- it's that lean, bitter, nearly pure French chocolate...

France to fight EU chocolate proposals
The European Commission put forward proposals to authorize the use of up to five percent of vegetable fats, other than cocoa butter, in making chocolate. Groups representing French chocolate makers and cocoa-producing nations have protested the proposed rule change...

Press up in arms over outlawing of milk chocolate
"Hands off our chocolate!" was the headline decrying new European measures to outlaw the words "milk chocolate" from packaging on British confectionary. The changes to the chocolate directive, proposed by Belgium and France, still need to be ratified by the European Commission...

Euro-MPs vote to ease EU chocolate rules
The European parliament voted to allow chocolate-makers to include less cocoa butter and more vegetable fat (up to 5%) in their products and still call it chocolate. Deputies rejected demands that products containing vegetable fats be banned from sale within the European Union...

Community announces new site for French speakers worldwide
One of the largest networks of web-based communities on the Internet announced today its latest native language community: the French language site, offering themed districts called "Quartiers" with appropriate French names such as "La Défense" or "La Cité de la Musique"...

Internet Services expands international presence in France, the E-business and Internet Technology Network, today launched, a French language site providing local Internet news as well as access to leading resources for Internet professionals, Web developers and sophisticated Internet users...


English creeps into French culture
The French government has passed a slew of laws since 1975 banning foreign words from advertising, official documents, scientific meetings and publications, radio and television. Whether in the street or on the Internet, English continues to invade the language of Molière....

English footballer gives French lesson to World Cup fans
England defender Graeme Le Saux will give soccer fans a much-needed grounding in the French language. Phrases deemed handy for Anglophone fans include "Je peux avoir un demi, s'il vous plaît?" (Could I have a beer please?), "L'arbitre a besoin de lunettes" (The ref needs glasses) and...

French court rejects suit on English-only website
The first test case attempting to apply France's language law to the Internet ended in failure when a court threw out a suit against Georgia Institute of Technology for using English alone on its website. The controversial 1994 legislation requires that all advertising in France be in French...


Hey, kids! It's time to hit the road
For students lucky enough to find themselves in Europe when school lets out, it will be a summer to remember, one sure to claim a special place in their hearts for years to come. Europe, with its layers of history, modern conveniences and buoyant youth subculture, is the place to go....

Best Places - Brittany: France's Celtic coastline
Rocky, isolated, and veiled in legend, Brittany juts away from the rest of France in more ways than just geographically. With toll autoroutes coming to a sudden stop at its borders, signs appearing in both French and Breton, and its ubiquitous flag, you'll think you've left France altogether...

Add a little French flair to your weekend rambling
Planning anything radical this summer? How about a little casual storming of the Bastille, followed by a candlelight tour of historic French homes dubbed the Let-Them-Eat-Cakewalk? Join in a stirring rendition of "La Marsellaise" in Ste. Genevieve, MO (USA), celebrating French culture...

Travelers blast poor service from airlines
Nearly half of frequent fliers are dissatisfied with airline service. Most-common complaints: on-time performance, seating issues, carry-on luggage space, food service and post-flight baggage delivery. "Horrifying stories of undeserved treatment are being reported..."


All change
The French wine council has confirmed what the country's wine industry feared: the new generation is not drinking wine -- at least not much of it. Only 1 in 20 French men and women in their early twenties drink it daily and more than half say they don't touch wine at all....


U.N.'s Annan at Cannes
United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan will be a special guest at the opening of the 51st Cannes film festival, to underline the filmfest's support for the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was signed in Paris in December 1948...

Museum Strike Closes Louvre, Others
The "Mona Lisa" smiled to an empty room today as striking workers kept tourists and art lovers out of many Paris museums and monuments for a fourth day. The Louvre remained closed, as did the Arc de Triomphe and the Pantheon, union leaders said...

Versailles Opens Renovated Garden
A golden fountain and garden where Louis XIV held his soirees nearly three centuries ago, recently opened to the public at the Château de Versailles, part of an effort to boost sagging attendance at the famed tourist attraction...



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