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Blog Editor Needed!

We are pleased to present our first directory of more than 500 blogs about France – covering Paris, the provinces, gastronomy, and assorted special interests – but we need your help to make it better! If you have a talent for writing and would be interested in reviewing these blogs for our readers – by creating short annotations (20- to 30-word descriptions) – we'd like to hear from you.

All our visitors are encouraged to report any bad links, blogs which have vanished or haven't been updated in a while, or to suggest a new listing. Thank you kindly for your assistance!

Webmaster's note: I'm thinking of banning bloggers who have no concept of bandwidth (which is many, apparently). Really, could you show some pity for those poor souls who still use dial-up to access the Internet, for Pete's sake?! Check your page's "weight" (text, images, scripts, css) by running its URL through NetMechanic (free). If it's more than 250k, that's big; over 1MB, obscene! Try splitting your content into multiple pages (less than 10 browser screens long) and your visitors will appreciate it. — best regards, ICM

Numerical & A - Fr   Fr - N   O - Z
52 Martinis
A British Expat in Nice
A Foodie Froggy in Paris
A Glimpse on My Life in La Rochelle
A Kiwi in France
A Landscape Selected At Random
A Languedoc Journal
A Life in the South of France
a little bit chaunoise
A Malaysian in France
A Mouse in France
A Place in the Auvergne
A Tenderness for Living
A Very Grand Pressigny
A Woman's Paris (Barbara Redmond)
A writer's lot in France
A Year Down The Line
A Year of Change
Abacaxi et Hortelã
Admiring Frog Legs
Adventures of Un Peu Loufoque
Alice in Paris
Alison Wonderland (Alison Ashwell)
All The Days of Dolores
American in France (Cynthia Caughey)
American Spoken Here
An Alien Parisienne
An American Au Pair In Paris
An American Dog in Paris
An American Family in the South of France
An American in Paris
An American in Provence
An American in Sologne
An American Pipemaker in Brittany
An American's View of France
An English Girl in Lille
An English Rose in France
An Englishman and his Castle
an ersatz Frenchwoman
An Old Fart in France
Angela in Europe
Anna Does Paris
Anne-Elisabeth Moutet
Another American in France
Aquitane Yarns
Are We In Paris Yet?
Artistic Adventures in Aquitaine
Ask A Frenchman!
Au fil de mes balades...
au soleil levant
Avignon In Photos
Azur Alive
Back in the Groove
Back To My French
Beauregard...the Blog
Bechamel in Marseille
Becoming Niortaise
Berry Deep France (Dirk Beauregard)
Besançon Life In France!
Beth Arnold/Letter From Paris
Beth in France
Bijoux & Banter
Bill & Nancy's Life on a Barge in France
Bill & Nancy's Life on a Barge in Paris
Bize Bytes
Blogerie Les Masson
Blogging in Paris
Blonde in France
Blu's vue's
Blue Paris
Blue Vicar
Boston's Excellent France Adventure
breton blog
Brittany Bird
Bye Bye England...Off to France
C'est Christine
C'est la folie
C'est La Me...
C'est ma vie...
Café and Marmite
carnet de correspondence
Casser des oeufs
Cassoulet Café
Charles Bremmer
Château LaLinde
Châteaux Painting Holidays (Adam Cope)
Chez Francine
Chez Loulou
Chez Mr. Le Marquis du Galipot
Chez Penny
Chez Rigsby
Chez Thompson
Chi Town to Small Town
Chitlins & Camembert
chroniques d'une fraise
Château de Jonvillier
Cicilie Among the Parisians
Coming To My Seine-ses!
Computing in France
Courtney J in France
Crafty Rachel
Crystal Goes to Europe
david lebovitz
Days & Nights in the City of Lights
Days on the Claise
Deep Quercy
Dents de Lait
Destination Brittany
Deux Frontières
deux ou trois choses
Devenant Nanceienne
Diary of a French Housewife
Diary Of A Traction
Diary of Amy Rigby
Diary of an Adult Runaway
Diary of Why
Dirty feet and rubble in my hair
DitDit in France
doodah! doodah! doodah!
Dordogne Quilter
Du Jour
Easy French Food (Kim Steele)
Eco-Gites of Lenault in Calvados, France
Edible Adventures
Emily in France
Emmanuelle Richard
Encounter of the French Kind
Englishman in Strasbourg
Erika Abroad
Escape to France
Etienne Marcel
Everyday France
evolving revolver
Ex 'Expat' now in France
Exasperated Expatriate
Expat in France
Extremely Pale Rose
eye heart internet
Eye Prefer Paris (Richard Nahem)
femme au foyer
Fned's Blog
Foreign Parts
France and the Unknown
France Rant
France This Way...the blog!
Freedom Fries: A View From France
French Essence
French Fancy
French for A While
French Freek in France
French Kiss - Provence Style
French Leave
French Life & Living in France
French Papers
French 75 (Jean Mandel)
French Shelter
French Windows
French Word-A-Day (Kristin Espinasse)
Frenchless in France (Linda Mathieu)
Frog Rhythms
From A Caravan To A Château In France
From Florida To France
From My French/Swiss Window
From Paris With Love
From the City of Lights
Function of Time
Geeky Chi-Chi Does Paris...
Getting Boulder in Aveyron
God, I Love Paris (Amy Thomas)
Goodbye to France
Got France in My Pants
Guaranteed Personality
Halfway to France...
Having A Baby In France
Herrault Family Life
Hidden in France
Hip Paris (Erica Berman)
Home in France
Homesick and Hungry
I have no title donc je suis
I Heart Lyon
I Heart Paris
I Love Aquitaine
In An Old House In Paris
In Paris Now
Invisible Paris (Adam Roberts)
It's Good to Live in the Charente
It's Just Joyous! Our Life In the Tarn
It's Now Or Never!
J'habite à Paris!
Jaime ma vie française
Je ne sais quoi
Jennie en France
Jennie en France 2
jennyb's diary
Jill Brochard Photo
Jill's Blog @ Le Trip
Jim's Loire
John & Val go to France
John Talbott's Paris
Journeys of Discovery
Joy In France
Just Another American In Paris
Kate Hill: A French Kitchen Adventure
Kate's French (Mis)Adventures
Katia & Kyliemac
Katia & Kyliemac get blogged!
Knowing Nantes
Kristie en France
L'auberge "Chez Richard"
L'oiseau de perles noires
L'étrangère américaine
la belle et la bouffe
La Belle France
La belle in France
La belle saison
La Cheshire Chat: Further Adventures In France
La Coquette
La Fauxvaisienne
La Ferme de Sourrou
La fille en rose
La France Profonde
La Mom
La Page Française
La prochaine fois
La Rose à côté de La Vigne
La Vie Cevenole
La Vie d'Emily
La Vie de Cookie
La Vie Echangée
La Vie en Foussais
Lagarrigue Progress
Lalande Digital Art Press
Landing in Normandy
Language Assistant in the Dordogne
Language Lessons
Laura's Paris Cooking Notebook
Laurel Zuckerman's Paris Weblog
Lavender Honey
Lazy Gal Quilting
Lazy Girl's Blog
Le Blageur à Paris
Le Blog (Jennifer Boyer-Switala)
Le Franco Phoney
le hamburger et le croissant
Le Puy
Le Rêve Français
Le Tigre in France
Leah en France
les aventures d'un fille américaine en France
Les aventures du fromage
Les Minimes
Letters from a broad...
Life At La Bastiole
Life at Les Terraces
Life In France
Life in the 'Doc
Life with a Seaview
Life, Love and Llamas in France
Life, Love, and Living In France
Live in Charente
Live. Love. Conquer
Living in a Second Language
Living in Paradis
Living in the Loire
Living on a Barge in Paris
living the dream...not!
Living the Life in Saint-Aignan
Lost In Cheeseland (Lindsey Tramuta)
Lost in Limoges
Louby's Moments
Love in the City of Lights
Lydia's France
Lyon Eats
Lyon, Je (Almost) T'Aime
Ma Vie à Chauny
Ma Vie à Rennes
Mad About Paris
Magic Lantern Show
Marianne en France
Martha From Normandy & Other Places
Mary's Research Blog
Mas de la Lionne
Meanwhile Here in France
Meg Zimbeck
Menton Daily Photo
michele's life en franglais
Mike & Rion
Miles Away in France
Milk Jam/Confiture du Lait
Mini Cosmopolitans (Isabelle Purits)
Minnesota Pilgrim
Misplaced Texan
Missing Your Already
Mom in France
momster: a journal by irene nam
Monsieur Le Prof d'Anglais
Mostly Nonsense
motorbikes and the dordogne
Mr. Patterson Goes To Languedoc
My Cellphone
My French Life (Judy MacMahon)
My Life in Charente
My Paris Life
My Paris Notebook (Phyllis Flick)
My So-Called Life in France
My Sydney Paris Life
My Year in France
News From France
Nice Is Nice
nicole goes on...
no damn blog
No Place Like It (Jennifer Chevais)
Non, je ne regrette rien
Not quite down and out in Paris, but almost...
Not So Zen-Quilts In Paris
Not Waving But Drowning
Notes from the OPOL Family
Nouveaux Yeux
Nouvelle Vie: My New Life in France
  Omnivore Without A Dilemma
One Way Ticket: Texas/France
Opal in the Sky
Open Brackets
Oui Oui Paris
oui softly
Our Family in Paris
Our Paris: Variations on a Theme
Pardon My French
(parenthetically speaking)
Paris At My Feet
Paris Breakfasts (Carol Gillott)
Paris By Mouth (Meagan 'Meg' Zimbeck)
Paris Daily Photo (Eric Tenin)
paris (im)perfect
Paris Parfait
Paris Through My Lens
Paris Unraveled (Allison Lounes)
Paris Wise (Christopher Back)
Parisian Cowboy
Parisian Fields (Philippa Campsie & Norman Ball)
Parisian Party
Parisienne Mais Presque
Parisienne ou presque
Passive Smoking
Perfect Welcome
Pétanque & Pastis
Peter's Paris
Petite Anglaise (Catherine Sanderson)
Peut-être je suis perdu...?
Piglet in France
Pint-Sized Rants
Pissou in the French Pyrénées
Polly Vous Français? (Polly Lyman)
Poppy Fields
Postcards from Pension Milou
Posted in Paris (Anne Schwartz)
Poulette Paris
Prêt à Voyager
Put Your Flare On
Pyrenees Adventure
Rancho Escargot (Jack & Martine Tobin)
Real France
Red, White, and Bleu
Richelieu, l'éminence rouge
Rose en Corrèze
Rue by Street
Rue Rude (Sedulia Scott)
Run Around Paris
Rural Idiocy?
Rêve de Tournesol
Rêve Rouge
Sally's Chateau
Sam de Bretagne
Sara In Le Petit Village
Secrets of Paris (Heather Stimmler-Hall)
Sepia Senses
SF Girl in Paris
Shannon au pays des ch'tis
Six Weeks In Paris
slow living in the french pyrénées
Snippets from our Smallholding in France: Labartere
So You're The American!
soi disantra
Soupe du Jour
Soyez la Bienvenue Chez Moi
St Bloggie de Riviere
Strangled by the Thought
Suis Je Folle?
Survive France
Susan in France
Susie Heselton
Susu's World
Swimming with Frogs
Tacoma Girl In Paris
Tales From Languedoc Wine Country
Temps Perdu - Croix De Chambre
Teutonic Plague
That girl who went to France...
The Accidental Parisian
The Adventures of an American Blonde in France
The American Files
the american frog
The Au Pair Project
The Bitter Sweet Confessions of a Woman in her Thirties...
The Bold Soul
The Devils of Loudun
The Duchess of Earl in France
The Edge of the Forest
The Franco Files
The French Country Challenge
The Frog Blog of Louis La Vache
The Good Life France (Janine Marsh)
The Grape Journal
The History of Me!
the juicy life
The Late Bloomer
The Lives of Céline
The Mountain Dweller
The Next Adventure
The Old Cafe
The Other Side of Me
The Other Side of Paris
The Paris Blog
The Petite Coquine: Life, Love (& Cheese) in France
The Same Only Different
The Shadow of the Olive Tree
The Telfers in France
The Temptation of Words
The Thomanns in France
The Tramizal Diary
The Vendée Blog
the world according to b
These Days in French Life
Thinking Out Loud
This Provençal Life
Three Years In Provence
Throw Your Arms Around Me
Time Off in France
Toast du Jour
Tongue in Cheek (Corey Amaro)
Tony in France
Totally Frenched Out
tout sweet
Toutes Directions
Travelling Amber
Travelling Amber
Truffles for Breakfast
Tsuki in Paris
Turning Chalonnaise
uh oh spaghettios
Ukulele in Rouen
"un(e)-américain(e)" in France
un blaireau va en France
Une nouvelle vie de bohème
Us in France
Video Blog of An American in France
View From The Edge
Voyage avec Enfant et Chien
'Voyage' into the Middle of Nowhere
Wendy's French Help
What Is Found There
What's Going on in the Humpbuckle Hylton?
What's wrong with these people? An American in France
Why Travel to France (Patrice Krysztofiak)
Wicked French Kiss (Erica L. Johnson)
Woman with a Movie Camera
Zut Alors!

Videos for Your Enjoyment

Eddie Izzard — Learning French

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